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master life-asia style

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 5 minute Enlightenment- small time, big gain


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I am the Living Large Lama and this sacred space is to bring together those who seek enlightenment in the most important aspects of Life, with those who can enlighten in the simplest, fastest ways possible; start with 5 minutes or less!

Offbeat money with the side hustle

Asians-Immigrants do the side hustle AND still keep the day pay rolling in.  Learn from some of our most prominent "make the dollar" gurus like Brian K, who made it big in Hollywood AND rakes in thousands a month on his voiceover side hustle!

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Going to the gym can kill!

People drop dead on the treadmill because they haven't handled the treadmill of stress anxiety and greasy fried fat in their souls.  Asians are the happiest people because they figured out ways to handle "crap".  Our "Deep Communication" trainers show you how to lose mental freight and maybe, get "geisha thin" too!

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visionquest with a real shaman

Shamanism originated in Asia (North, not South), and is like the Star Wars Jedi Knight journey to the "Force"; to heal trauma pain, and suffering.  You'll be able to talk to an authentic Shaman who was taught by Native Americans as a medicine person, and if you look at history, Native Americans did pretty well with the land and happiness long before anybody else got here.

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My name is Terry Tae Chung and I developed New Asianism because of disruptions in my own Life namely, divorce, downsizing, debt, addictions to money, materialism status and finding perverted nobility in pain and suffering.  What a crock!

It was only when I got with a real healer who turned my mind around that my Life turned around, and it was then that I realized we are not alone we are not the rock or an island.  We NEED that one person to come into our lives and slap us back to reality.

I've assembled the team of people who are specially qualified to do just that, and I guarantee, 5 minutes with them and they will begin to clear what I call the "greasy, fried, fast food of your Soul

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5 minutes to your better life!

performance power

Act, improv, process, develop your inner character through 10 point Bushido Basics to achieve performance excellence.

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Write for your life!

Bruce Lee was a prime example of the power of "positive writing".  More than talk, committing  to paper properly, will personify the passion of your purpose.

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increase physical and mental stamina, gain confidence, heal trauma, fear, stress, and find security deeper than the material with the guidance of a certified Medicine Woman and shamanic practioner.

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Performance power

write for your life


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